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And if you have no choice but to wait, at least configure an alert to be able to monitor price changes.

Our advice is that you try and do not stop trying. We have read articles of all kinds in this regard and the reality is that everything indicates that deleting cookies is useless (at least in the case of comparators) and in some cases it even contributes to the price rise.

In this other Skyscanner article, the brand confirms that they don’t and explain why. Although you may think: what are they going to say? The reality is that we have not found evidence that this happens and we have never suffered it either.

What companies do with cookies is retargeting you after doing a search.

For example, why have you looked for a Madrid-Barcelona flight and then all the advertising you find online is about that flight? That is thanks (or because of) the cookies, which do not have to influence the price.

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Thanks for the info! I use https://vuelify.com/ to pay for tickets in installments. It comes cool when you get a good price but you don’t have the pasta at the time. In the end, with what the tickets go up, it pays for you even with the commission they charge you

I would like to know how to buy flights from foreign pages as you put to compare prices.

Hello Caroline! You simply have to change the url country code, that is, instead of searching for example at edreams.es you search at edreams.fr Not all websites operate in all countries but you can try it. I hope I have helped you.

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