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I am glad to read these comments from Avila 🙂 although it is very difficult to speak ill of the city of Avila, when you visit it you fall in love.

I’ll be there very soon, in a few days. From Argentina we will be visiting our city and I say ours because being an Avila I cannot have origin in another city that is not this beauty.

Hello Andres, you are right with that last name. We hope you enjoy it and don’t get too cold.

Hello Sergio, I have long wanted to know Avila, I love history, and art, on the 27th of this month I will be in Avila, I am from Valladolid, I have been in Galicia for many years, but I feel Spanish, and I know almost All the provinces, I was missing Avila, your photos make me feel that I like them, the caps also look great, when I am back I will tell you, thank you and see you soon. Pillar.

Thank you very much for your comment 😀 I’m glad you like the photos and I hope you like the city even more. Maybe one day we can share a tapas in Galicia or in our Pucela 😉

Hello, I am from Lima-Peru and on October 1 I am leaving for Spain… ..but I can’t find information on how to get to Ávila from Segovia. Do you know if there is a bus company ??? It would be great if someone could inform me please.

I have been amazed by everything I have read and I think I will take 1 day away from Salamanca and I will stay 2 in Ávila.

Hi Jessica, sure there is bus transportation from Segovia to Avila but as another option you could use BlaBlacar or Amovens to move between cities. These two platforms put people who travel by car in contact so that they can share their remaining free places. It is a very comfortable, fast and inexpensive way to travel and you also meet new people. In our travel guide (free) you will find more information 😉

I am from Argentina and I hope to meet Avila starting from Madrid. From what you say that it is cold in that area, I hope that by the end of May the temperature is pleasant. I appreciate the information,

It is almost certain that the temperature will be good for May in Ávila, although here in my land we have a saying: »Until May 40, don’t take off your coat» or what is the same, bring something warm just in case.

A very good and interesting post! I love traveling, but sometimes due to lack of time, I cannot plan my stays well. Now I’m on my way to Ávila for 1 night and two days and thank goodness I found your article. R

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