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Calm down, it’s a matter of time. Many before studied it and now they have their place. It is the hardest period of an opposition, the one with the greatest sacrifice, but do not forget it, perseverance is the key to success. At the moment, there are thousands of manuals on mnemonic techniques that can be useful. We must also be aware that some are more effective than others, and that although they are presented to us as bibles to memorize, they are only a way of paving the way, but without feet with which to walk we would not get anywhere. Do not give up, everything for which you have decided to be an opponent will help you in the sacrifice, in withstanding the kneeling of the elbows and the frantic pace of some oppositions.

And finally, to get closer to the triumph, only the most grateful part of the study would remain, the review. Each subject reviewed is a step forward. Every day we have less to reach our goal. Here, our self-esteem is reactivated.

For all opponents, the final review is tough. They are many hours, here maybe even full weekends. The exams are close, very close. Everything comes to an end, or so we hope.

Preparing oppositions is an endurance race, speed is not worth it, only perseverance, organization. Take a deep breath, good luck and go for it.

I want to start with competitive examinations for administrative assistant Junta de Andalucía or Diputación Sevilla, but I have doubts. Where can you inform me? When will the exams be? Plazas? Agenda?

For more information, you can visit our website and fill out the form without any commitment: https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-auxiliar-administrativo

Hi. I would like to prepare for the tax agent opposition in Murcia. I would like to know if it is one of the most difficult to get a place and where can I find the agendas. Which ones I would have to buy. Thanks a lot!!!

For more information, you can visit our website and fill out the form without any commitment https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-agente-hacienda

Hello, I wanted to know where I can acquire the syllabus for the nursing assistant examinations. Thank you.

For more information, you can visit our website and fill out the form without any commitment: https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-auxiliar-enfermeria?piloto=I07

Hello, we are from Venezuela but we have Spanish nationality, my son is leaving high school this year, that is, high school, he wants to study national police in Coruña, where we want to go and where he has to register or apply please

First of all, we must wait for the publication of the official call, which usually takes place in the middle of the year. For more information on the preparation of these oppositions, you can visit our website and fill out the form without any kind of commitment, putting “Spain” in the nationality field https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-policia-nacional

Hello, I would like to know what requirements are necessary to obtain the warden course if it is compulsory to take public examinations or not?

Yes, to obtain a position as a warden it is necessary to pass some competitive examinations. You can check the requirements here: https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-celador

Hello good evening, I would like to compete for some of the places that are offered in Castilla La Mancha, I am working and I do not have much time, I can not find what places are offered, and I do not know very well what to apply for, although I have FP, Maybe it would be better to oppose for something simpler or I don’t know, if you can help me, thanks

You can find all the places that are offered and convened in Castilla La Mancha in Opobusca: https://www.opobusca.com/oposiciones/castilla-la-mancha/2020

Good evening, I work full time, I would like to prepare a postal examination, how much time would I need to dedicate each day ????

This question is difficult to answer, since each person needs and has different times to prepare an opposition. It will depend largely on the quality of time you can dedicate, your study plan and your abilities.

Good afternoon, I am new to these worlds, I want information about warden competitions. Will there be a call in 2020? Price, etc in the province of Salamanca. Thanks a lot

Warden competitions are convened at the regional level. You should pass the SACYL warden exams with enough points to be able to choose a place in Salamanca. The offer of Guardians in Castilla y León has just been published, with a total of 270 places, so we only have to wait for the call to be published.

For more information, you can visit our website and fill out the form without any commitment: https://www.opositor.com/oposiciones-celador

Very good, my question is the following: where can we get this agenda? And how often are the oppositions?

Hi, I’m going to present myself to the administrative opposition of the Provincial Council. How long does it usually take

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