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Stuff Your rules

In more male dominant cultures, relationships and marriages aren’t so much considered the ball and chain, but a matter of pride. Having a family and providing for such is a cause for pride. Not missing out on a bunch of hot chicks and life, because he has to work a few extra hours. Once again, that might have to do with the more open attitude around casual sex. Here, men feel like they’re giving up something that women aren’t . There, it’s pretty much understood that women like casual sex just like men do.

If I were dating someone and they compartmentalized their life to keep me out of it, that would be a big red flag to me. I also had already put a deposit down on a trip to Europe. The trip was 6 months out when we first started dating. He actually did want to join me, which I would have loved, but he is on a fixed retirement income and it wasn’t in the budget that year. But he bought me an international phone so we could talk, we also Skyped and I sent him a post card. I suppose according to THE RULES I should have mysteriously disappeared out of the country for 2 weeks, and perhaps sent him a light and breezy postcard about halfway through the trip.

The more feminine a man wants a woman to be, the more masculine energy he will show. He doesn’t expect her to show feminine energy while being in a 50/50 or 60/40 state himself. And that’s where I observed the biggest issue in the US.

Some women text back every five seconds. We don’t let women do that because it says you have no life in between the dates. That’s all the same, whether you’re 55, or 35. We like to find out how a couple met, because it’s life and death how you meet. So we researched it and saw that she was at some tennis tournament and Arnold was there.

But he had listened to her closely, remembered her story, and did the legwork to find the perfect piece for her collection. There was no way he would have missed spending Valentine’s Day with her, enjoying the results of his quest. Men who aren’t truly available — married or otherwise taken — prefer to take a passive approach to finding fun on the side. Aggressive chasing is too risky for a cheater, and he feels less guilty if youare the one to initiate pursuit.

But then, I’m not every woman’s cup of tea. Many seem to prefer the mountain-climbers. I really wish women would realize that hook-up culture is not working in their best interests.

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