What do millionaires look for in their partners?

October 8, 2017

Societal presumptions have been telling us how millionaires are only after the looks and money. We have been told their version of love is different to those of the non-millionaires.

The truth is: Millionaires share the same feelings and concerns as other people do.

So if you ever come across a millionaire in your life, remember that they are just like normal humans who are looking for love, affection, and support from their partners. Accessing a millionaire’s heart involves winning trust, but many people believe that it’s just the looks that matter. With this in their minds, they work too much on their external appearance and miss the part that actually makes the difference, i.e. love, romance, and relationship.


Many top millionaire dating experts would tell you that it’s the appearance that gives you a ticket to the millionaire’s heart, but the reality is that rich people aren’t really into others’ wealth or looks. For instance, a survey by MillionaireMatch.com, revealed that rich men usually don’t like to date rich women. The Study mentioned that around 79.6 percent of millionaire men prefer to seek out non-millionaire women, while 84.5 percent millionaire women go for a millionaire.

In another survey by Luxy that involved 286 male participants, only 15 percent consider other’s wealth before dating them, while 14 percent said that they prioritize looks over everything else. Summing up: 71 percent actually prefer a cherishing relationship over money or good looks.

These kinds of studies leave an important mark: Every relationship requires affection, love, care, and respect. Millionaire people don’t only want to be loved but they also give it back, exponentially.

Millionaire dating sites aren’t meant to just get hold onto a rich guy or women; it’s rather just another platform that’s not too clustered.

So the next time you log into a millionaire dating site, ask yourself what you can give in response to what others are expecting. You can’t have an amazing relationship without knowing what’s there in other person’s heart. If someone is getting into a millionaire relationship with expectations of companionship and love, you can’t reciprocate with the expectations that your bills getting paid. This is a conflict of interest and there will always be misunderstanding in such relationships.

If you are feeling intimidated by the status of a millionaire, you aren’t in the right spot. Remember that each one of you are rich in their own way. So if you want to make a permanent mark on someone’s life, do it with your persona. There are many things that you can share like your time, attention and a shoulder to lean on when your partner needs it. Rich people have the experience of coming across people who pretend to love them for the wrong reasons. So if you don’t have the right intent, you can’t get along with millionaires.