Building A Social Platform Made Easy With DateWare!


Want to share photos and videos or chat privately? DateWare best supports all these features, so you can do anything you want! Building a website takes a lot of effort and resources. DateWare has a cost-effective solution to your website problems.

It offers a design shortcut with various pre-made templates that you can alter to fit your needs. From the ground up, you can customize everything, from the design to the features, to ensure your social network is unique.

What Makes DateWare Special?

With DateWare dating, you can create a customized social network in minutes. Let’s look at some of the features that DateWare offers.

Design that speaks for itself

The DateWare White Label Platform has a user interface designed to be as simple as possible. It enables you to customize your design with a library of more than 60 fully responsive templates and start building a social network that attracts more users.

With the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, building a social networking website has never been easier. You can create a website that suits your needs without any coding knowledge.

Language options

At DateWare, language is not an issue. The platform offers dozens of languages – including English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and many more – so you can tailor your website to suit any needs.

Boosted performance and Reach

No matter how many members your social network has, DateWare services will never lag or crash. It’s built on the most powerful web technologies, such as ASP.NET CORE, AngularJS, and Bootstrap 3. All this means is that you’ll always enjoy fast browsing and smooth interactions!

DateWare features built-in SEO optimization, so don’t worry about your service or content not reaching its audience.

Infinite members & pages

The platform allows you to create an unlimited number of members, pages, and groups to talk about anything that matters to you. You may put them in any group or event you want, and set their privacy level however you like.

Integrated Payment

The payment gateway is PCI-compliant and doesn’t store card data on the servers, so your sensitive credit card data is safe from hackers. DateWare also offers the ability to detect fraudulent traffic with the help of Machine Learning algorithms so that you can focus on building your perfect community.


Privacy and Security

All clients are privy to their free SSL. DateWare also offers customization so you can meet GDPR requirements. Your platform is hosted on industry-standard and SOC-II-compliant servers. With advanced policy-building tools, you can create a safe community for users of all ages.

Moreover, the secure geo-IP technology helps members find other people nearby who share their interests for a more personalized and localized experience!


The DateWare platform gives you full control at a fraction of the cost. DateWare is the easiest way to create a social network for your community, with features that make it uniquely yours.


DateWare Online Platform gives you all the tools needed to set up an engaging profile right out of the gate, so you can build what you want, how you want.